Welcome to Shinmyoken Phoenix Dojo

We are a small martial arts club based in Coventry, who train in the Japanese arts of 'iaido' (drawing the sword), and 'jodo' (the short staff). We train to improve the body, mind and spirit; to learn genuine arts of the legendary samurai, but also because we enjoy the skill and discipline required to wield these two renowned weapons.

Both the complete beginner and experienced 'budoka' (martial arts practitioner) are welcome to train with us, but please contact us first, as our training hall is small, and space can be limited.

In case you were wondering about our name, 'Shinmyoken' means 'sword of mystery', and 'Phoenix' denotes our connection with The Phoenix Aikido And Fitness Club, also based in Coventry.

"mind, body, spirt as one"