Beginners equipment

For your first few lessons in iaido and jodo, we are usually able to lend you the relevant kit. However, if you would like to train regularly with us, it is usually best to get your own equipment at some stage.

The basics for iaido

• Bokken (wooden training sword)
• Saya (sheath)
• Sageo (attachment cord)

Example set shown available from

• Obi (belt)

Example shown available from

• Knee pads

Example shown available from

Please note: our recommended mailorder supplier for iaido and jodo equipment is Nine Circles. In our experience the equipment and clothing they sell is is of the highest quality, and they have always provided excellent advice and service. However, basic items like bokken and jo are probably available from many other suppliers at slightly lower cost. If you would like any more advice about what to buy or where to buy it, then please ask us next time you train.

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