What is jodo?

Jodo is the japanese martial art or way (do) of the short staff (jo). It is based on the ancient samurai arts of the spear (yari), long staff (bo), and sword (ken), which were synthesised into a new system of combat in the early 1600's called 'jojutsu' (short staff techniques). Like iaido, modern jodo is now as much a system for the development and improvement of the self, as it is system of combat.

How is training carried out?

Jodo training is based on solo practice of basic movements and 12 'seitei kata' (basic forms). Due to the relative safety of training with wooden weapons, jodo training also involves practising defensive and counter attacking movements against a partner with a 'bokken' (wooden practice sword).

What will I need in order to train?

Before you can train with us, you will need to join the British Kendo Association in order to be insured. We can help you arrange temporary (3 month) or full (annual) membership of the BKA.

Equipment: A jo is inexpensive, but should be made from good quality hardwood such as oak. For 'sotai dosa' (paired practice), you will also need a bokken, but it is not essential for beginners.

Clothing: Traditional clothing consisting of 'hakama' (pleated, baggy trousers), a 'gi' (jacket) and 'obi' (belt) are usually worn, although a t-shirt and tracksuit pants will be fine for the beginner.

"mind, body, spirt as one"