Useful resources

pdf-icon-transparent-16px [ Shinmyoken Phoenix flyer ]
Please help to promote our club! Adobe PDF (prints 2-up on A4).

[ Beginners equipment ]
Suggested equipment for those new to iaido.

[ The 12 iaido seitei kata ]
The 12 basic forms practised in iaido.

[ Iaido seitei kata video ]
YouTube video of the 12 basic iaido forms.

[ Japanese sword parts ]
Can you tell your 'koiguchi' from your 'kissaki'?

[ Jodo kihon and kata ]
The 12 basic techniques and 12 basic forms practised in jodo.

[ Budo terminology ]
Some basic Japanese martial arts terminology you may hear when practicing iaido or jodo.

[ The iaido koryu kata ]
The more advanced 'old school' iaido forms.

[ How to fold your hakama ]
It takes time and patience to master, but will extend their life and reduce the need for laundering.

[ The British Kendo Association ]
The official governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in the UK.

[ Nine Circles ]
Suppliers of quality iaido, jodo and other martial arts equipment and clothing.

"mind, body, spirt as one"